Calvin Holbrook /

© Calvin Holbrook

Juxtaposing material from vintage gay pornographic magazines, 'Garden Boudoir Experiment' offers a humorous comment on a changing queer lifestyle.

Male models gaze directly at the viewer, their genitalia or heads replaced by other objects: orange juice, champagne, cake, beer... an invitation for consumption.

Pressure gauges, electric units and fuse bolts represent peaking sexual energy and desire. Elsewhere, vintage camcorders, cameras, and record players offer a playful examination on how humanity has become overly concerned with appearance and self-promotion.

In this digital age, these images are a celebration of vintage objects set to become obsolete, just like the magazines these original pictures were taken from.

Post-Grad Pop-Up

2014. Collage, 20 x 27.6cm.

Snappy Sophomore

2014. Collage, 21 x 28.5cm.

Braced 4 A Good Time

2014. Collage, 20.5 x 27.5cm.

People. Pleasure. Objects. Power: II

2014. Collage, 21 x 29.5cm.

People. Pleasure. Objects. Power: I

2014. Collage, 40 x 30cm.

Freshly Squeezed

2014. Collage, 20.5 x 28cm.

Let Them Eat Cake

2014. Collage, 20.5 x 27.5cm.

Shoot It!

2014. Collage, 20 x 29cm.


2014. Collage, 20 x 27.5cm.

Automatic Lover

2014. Collage, 20 x 28.5cm.

This Is Thirsty Work

2014. Collage, 20.5 x 27.5cm.

Amplified Tart

2014. Collage, 21 x 26cm.

Heavy Load

2015. Collage, 20 x 27.5cm.

Success Sucks

2016. Collage, 27.5 x 21.2cm.

Ready To Play

2016. Collage, 27.5 x 20.2cm.