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Calvin Holbrook

b 1977.   Lives and works in Berlin.


2016      UntitledFlowerGirls, Hotel Brummell, Barcelona.
2013      Strange New Growths, Brain + Beast, Barcelona.
2012      Tornography, Espacio Plano B, Madrid.
2007      Hate, White Cubicle, London.


2019      Pop-up show, The Ballery, Berlin (20-25 September 2019).
2018      Isle of Wight Pride & 2018 Winter Pride Arts Award, Quay Arts Centre, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom.
2017      Paris Ass Book Fair, 'Hate' included in AA Bronson's 'Queer Zines' show, Galerie Arts Factory, Paris.
2015      Queer: Post-sexual - The box re-examined, Fringe! Arts Fest, London.
2015      Hexenmeister, 'Hate' fanzine and book included in AA Bronson's show, Maureen Paley, London.
2013      Vermutiart, Galeria Olympia, Barcelona.
2013      Cut 'n' Paste, Dalston Superstore, London.
2013      I Don't Know It's An Illusion I Don't Care, Preteen at Vamiali's, Athens.
2013      Beer Picnic (Stink Finger Clit), Preteen Gallery, Mexico.
2012      Bideoart Night + Tornography, Espacio Plano B, Madrid.
          With video works from Félix Fernández, Bubi Canal, Andrés Senra y Sergio Roger.
2007      CMMR, SPACE studios, London.
2007      Misguided Souls, Covent Garden Film Studios, London.

          A small rip, a cut, a shred, a tear; the deconstruction and reconstruction of paper
          is the foundation of my work to date. Working almost entirely with
          found imagery, I alter the pre-existing narratives of carefully-chosen
          materials through selective and precise collaging, resulting in bold yet delicate works,
          which often comment on sexuality - and often, more specifically - homosexuality.
          These new narratives are further defined by incorporating wordplay either into the
          works themselves or their titles, to create tongue-in-cheek, humorous pieces, which aim
          to raise a smile as well as a reflection on their purpose.

          I have exhibited in London, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens, Berlin and Mexico.

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